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2020 & Beyond…

What can I say, 2019 has been an amazing year. I had some personal issues that went array but honestly I have no complaints. I expanded my business mindset and grew as a business woman. I tweaked a couple of things, I continue to learn, and I added a couple of services to the collection.Continue reading2020 & Beyond…

Rings in the Piano

You never know how a wedding is going to go until you capture it. You never know which unexpected shot will be “the shot”. You also as the client can never really imagine what it takes to get said shot. I recently captured The Christians. A destination beach wedding with a Maryland couple I neverContinue readingRings in the Piano

Forced From Home

I had the pleasure of participating as media/press for Forced From Home. An interactive tour in Charlotte representing refugees. The tour provides an experience like no other. Allowing you to experience what it feels like to be forced from your home to never return. You are given an identity and you are able to walkContinue readingForced From Home