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The Future Of It All…

Hey, hey, hey let’s chat for a while. Picture it: it’s 20 years from now, and you’re sitting with your babe, heavy on the nostalgia, you lean into your babe and say “remember how great the steak was at our wedding?” *Insert dramatic sitcom music track. Let’s be honest we are not thinking about theContinue readingThe Future Of It All…

Wedding + Covid

2020 has definitely been a year of change, compromise, and adjustments. A year that humanity never thought would take place. Restrictions, stay home orders, and shortages. However during all of this love still prevails. Weddings are still taking place. I had the pleasure to capture intimate moments between couples during this pandemic and I cannotContinue readingWedding + Covid

Rings in the Piano

You never know how a wedding is going to go until you capture it. You never know which unexpected shot will be “the shot”. You also as the client can never really imagine what it takes to get said shot. I recently captured The Christians. A destination beach wedding with a Maryland couple I neverContinue readingRings in the Piano

Barnyard Wedding Bliss

Ok so this had to be the most risqué thing I ever done. I took on a client without knowing who they were 😱. Most photographers have a P2P sit down, ask the clients questions, do some research. Nope not with this one. I literally received an email from the officiant that asked if IContinue readingBarnyard Wedding Bliss

Wedding Vibes

Ok my wonderful photograpHers! I was a second shooter at a wedding a couple of months ago and let me tell you, my nerves were shot! I am preparing for my first big wedding in August so I am practicing, practicing, practicing! I learned so much and I took in a lot. Here are aContinue readingWedding Vibes