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Robin was referred to me by a previous client (word of mouth is a blessing!) and she stated that she wanted to celebrate a milestone. Well baybee you’re at the right place. We chatted and discussed her vision. We chose a location that fit her style and went to work. Robin stated that she wasContinue readingRobin

Gold & Melanin 🤴🏾

Hey y’all hey!! Being a photographer you often find yourself in a rut. A creative rut and guess what 🗣 YOU HAVE TO CREATE! I know, I know, between schedules, calendars, bookings, and life it’s hard. Finding that happy medium to keep you on your toes is definitely a thing so lets get started. CapturingContinue readingGold & Melanin 🤴🏾

I did a thing 🤭

Hey fam hey! Soooo I did a thing. A thing to mark of my goal list for 2020. A thing that I thought I wasn’t going to accomplish this year. A thing that came out of nowhere. Wanna know what it was? I’ll tell you. I captured a fellow photographer!! 🎉 First of all thisContinue readingI did a thing 🤭


It’s the 4th Wednesday of the 1st month of the decade. What have you accomplished? What are your plans? What are your reservations? Being a business woman isn’t always as pretty as we picture it. It’s hard, exhausting, exciting, and fulfilling. There are so many turns. So many moments that involve a climax and letContinue readingMotivation

2020 & Beyond…

What can I say, 2019 has been an amazing year. I had some personal issues that went array but honestly I have no complaints. I expanded my business mindset and grew as a business woman. I tweaked a couple of things, I continue to learn, and I added a couple of services to the collection.Continue reading2020 & Beyond…

Barnyard Wedding Bliss

Ok so this had to be the most risqué thing I ever done. I took on a client without knowing who they were 😱. Most photographers have a P2P sit down, ask the clients questions, do some research. Nope not with this one. I literally received an email from the officiant that asked if IContinue readingBarnyard Wedding Bliss

Branding & Building

Let’s talk -BRANDING- sessions. Whether you have your own business venture or working for a business personal branding is important! You are a walking billboard so you should wear and represent you well. Why not start with a branding session? There are a couple of things that you should look for when expanding your brand.Continue readingBranding & Building