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The Future Of It All…

Hey, hey, hey let’s chat for a while. Picture it: it’s 20 years from now, and you’re sitting with your babe, heavy on the nostalgia, you lean into your babe and say “remember how great the steak was at our wedding?” *Insert dramatic sitcom music track. Let’s be honest we are not thinking about theContinue readingThe Future Of It All…

First Timers Only 🤫

Hey! Hey you! Yea you first timer! Are you nervous? Don’t be. I am here to help you pop your professional photography session cherry 🍒. It’ll be fun and won’t hurt at all. You’re welcome 😉 First things first everything you’re thinking…..stop thinking it. Come into your session as a blank canvas. Remove walls andContinue readingFirst Timers Only 🤫

Gold & Melanin 🤴🏾

Hey y’all hey!! Being a photographer you often find yourself in a rut. A creative rut and guess what 🗣 YOU HAVE TO CREATE! I know, I know, between schedules, calendars, bookings, and life it’s hard. Finding that happy medium to keep you on your toes is definitely a thing so lets get started. CapturingContinue readingGold & Melanin 🤴🏾

Let’s Talk Minis

Mini sessions are just that, mini. They are not your regular sessions. They are compressed and made available to get a lot done in a small window of time. Convenient. Being prepared as the client is definitely a must! Presenting a full understanding of what to expect and what your experience includes is something toContinue readingLet’s Talk Minis


It’s the 4th Wednesday of the 1st month of the decade. What have you accomplished? What are your plans? What are your reservations? Being a business woman isn’t always as pretty as we picture it. It’s hard, exhausting, exciting, and fulfilling. There are so many turns. So many moments that involve a climax and letContinue readingMotivation

2020 & Beyond…

What can I say, 2019 has been an amazing year. I had some personal issues that went array but honestly I have no complaints. I expanded my business mindset and grew as a business woman. I tweaked a couple of things, I continue to learn, and I added a couple of services to the collection.Continue reading2020 & Beyond…

Thyself will Brand Thyself

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think business? Is it Logos? Colors? The name? The product that is actually being sold? I’ll help you out…’s definitely the aesthetics of branding. Branding is huge. So huge that there are tests and questions being asked to help better brand situations. As aContinue readingThyself will Brand Thyself