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Robin was referred to me by a previous client (word of mouth is a blessing!) and she stated that she wanted to celebrate a milestone. Well baybee you’re at the right place. We chatted and discussed her vision. We chose a location that fit her style and went to work. Robin stated that she wasContinue readingRobin

The Future Of It All…

Hey, hey, hey let’s chat for a while. Picture it: it’s 20 years from now, and you’re sitting with your babe, heavy on the nostalgia, you lean into your babe and say “remember how great the steak was at our wedding?” *Insert dramatic sitcom music track. Let’s be honest we are not thinking about theContinue readingThe Future Of It All…

First Timers Only 🤫

Hey! Hey you! Yea you first timer! Are you nervous? Don’t be. I am here to help you pop your professional photography session cherry 🍒. It’ll be fun and won’t hurt at all. You’re welcome 😉 First things first everything you’re thinking…..stop thinking it. Come into your session as a blank canvas. Remove walls andContinue readingFirst Timers Only 🤫

Gold & Melanin 🤴🏾

Hey y’all hey!! Being a photographer you often find yourself in a rut. A creative rut and guess what 🗣 YOU HAVE TO CREATE! I know, I know, between schedules, calendars, bookings, and life it’s hard. Finding that happy medium to keep you on your toes is definitely a thing so lets get started. CapturingContinue readingGold & Melanin 🤴🏾

Wedding + Covid

2020 has definitely been a year of change, compromise, and adjustments. A year that humanity never thought would take place. Restrictions, stay home orders, and shortages. However during all of this love still prevails. Weddings are still taking place. I had the pleasure to capture intimate moments between couples during this pandemic and I cannotContinue readingWedding + Covid

Birthday Fun 🎉

Farie found me on Facebook and let me tell you I am glad she did! She wanted city views, sexy, and fun incorporated in her session and baybee she did not disappoint. We used a rooftop as our canvas, Meg The Stallion and Beyoncé has us covered with the tunes, and we laughed, giggled, andContinue readingBirthday Fun 🎉