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The Future Of It All…

Hey, hey, hey let’s chat for a while. Picture it: it’s 20 years from now, and you’re sitting with your babe, heavy on the nostalgia, you lean into your babe and say “remember how great the steak was at our wedding?” *Insert dramatic sitcom music track.

Let’s be honest we are not thinking about the food or driving back down to the venue. You know why? You want to know why…because YOU invested in a great wedding photographer and the photo album you purchased. That’s right you will re-live your wedding day with babe and realize why you two chose one another. *Insert the sitcom awww.

Your wedding photos are something you will hold dear for decades to come. Great wedding photographers know this. They take their job seriously, and want to make sure you get the memories you miss out on the whirlwind of your day. Let’s talk about a few of the ‘importante’ details to making the day worthwhile.


  • It’s your wedding you can do what you wanna…

Do not feel constrained by traditions, stereotypes, or others wants or “suggestions” on your wedding day. It’s you + your futures’ day and you would want to look back and have no regrets. No bridal party….or a whole squad added to your day? Standing off to the side of the officiant (this helps keep the images a twosome, not a threesome in your images.)…or him right dab in the middle? Rules are meant to be broken and it’s you and babe’s day. We can break as many as we like.



  • Good photos take time.

Great images take time, so making sure enough time to gain those images is a big plus. This time doesn’t have to be a trial. Think of it as a break from guests and family, and enjoy it.

  • Get ready somewhere quiet and nice, and try to keep it clean.

Having a clean work space for your vendors is always wonderful. No photoshop later, an image without food, clothes, and other personables thrown around helps get the shot and saves time.

  • Unplugged Wedding

The best part about a wedding is to enjoy it. I know there are alot of people who are invited that would like their own memories. However to get the best from your photographer and not having a bunch of phones, ipads, personal camcorders in your shot is always a great thing! Unplug, unwind, + have everyone enjoy the day.


  • Light is Everything.

Light can make or break your wedding photos, so it’s important to try to plan your wedding to give your photographer the good stuff. Late in the day is best for your wedding photos, specifically the hour before sunset. Try not to plan your photos in the middle of the day, or early afternoon. Unless it’s overcast, you’re asking for trouble. Strong sunlight = harsh shadows.

Additionally, if you’re planning an outdoor ceremony, consider the sun. An early ceremony in dappled light is a killer. It’s very hard to fix up a patch of shadow on your face, and walking from sunlight to shadow as you walk down the aisle is a very tricky scenario for any photographer to manage.

  • Give you+ your forever plus one some time alone on the dance-floor.

If a first dance is incorporated in your wedding allow some time before everyone rushes the floor for some magic to happen. Magic as in your photo memories. Some beautiful images can be made in that moment and allowing time for your photographer to capture it helps.

  • Photos Talk…

Weddings are stressful, and some brides have planned for their big day their whole lives. But when the day arrives, don’t sweat the details. Things will go wrong – they always do. Your task now is not to stress over the little things, but to enjoy the day as it unfolds.

Be happy. Smile. Slow things down and enjoy all the vibes. But mostly, enjoy the company of your babe as husband + wife. This is the first day of the rest of your lives. Let’s make magic and make sure that magic is documented correctly.