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Communicate + Create….It’s Your Wedding Day!

Hey hey hey, it’s your wedding day and one of the most important aspects of your day is your photos! Your wedding photos serve as a beautiful memento to one of the most important days of your life. Wedding photographers are here to photograph your day to show the love between you, your special someone, family, and friends. So finding a wedding photographer who you can trust to take care of that is important. Selecting a wedding photographer whose work you love, whose vibe meshes with yours, and whom you trust is key. When that is done communication is key…what you do/don’t like, your hopes/dreams, and your fears. Here’s a couple of things you would want to discuss with your photographer.

  • What Do You Want?

Your wedding is (meant to be) a once-in-a-lifetime event. If there’s a particular photo or photos that you desperately want, tell your photographer about it at your pre-wedding meeting (there should be a couple of these leading up to the wedding.) This includes your favorite relative, person, or keepsake. Would you like to incorporate a “first look” or is there a special place that you both share and would like photographed? Certain things that hold significance have to be discussed so we will know what’s important to you. At the same time hiring your wedding photographer is all about trusting their vision and professionalism. Ideas specifically for you and your loved ones, certain poses that will fit you and yours, and we definitely know what will and will not work.

Note: Don’t just download a shot list. Make your own. You want to make sure your day is special to you both. Sit down with your soon to be, then your photographer, and make it personal.


  • What Don’t You Want?

If there is anything you do not want captured inform your photographer. Do you have a not so good side or birthmark? Let the photographer know but also trust your photographer to get it right. We got this!

  • The Day’s Timeline

Timeeeeee….is on our side. Ok it’s really not wedding photographers are always pushing the limits of time. A timeline is vital for a wedding photographer so we can get the shots you want, need, and weren’t expecting, you know the special ones. Knowing the timetable means that your wedding photographer can capture all of the events and moments, too. Having a timeline will ease that sense of a rush and stress. Include a little buffer zones…your wedding day will be a whirlwind and your photographer is there to catch that action, so when you slow down you can see what that whirlwind created.


  • It’s All About The Details.

Something new, borrowed, and blue. Provide your photographer with the details that’s special to you so it will all be captured on film.


  • Any Surprises?

A gift to the bride or groom? A dance or a grand display? Let the photographer in on it a great preparation includes an even better execution.

  • How’s The Lighting?

Dimly lit or well lit? Of course the photographer can walk the venue with you but to be on the safe side let your photographer know if the atmosphere will be moody or bright. Again preparation includes an even better execution.

  • Are there any black sheep in the family?

Did the “to be’s” parents undergo a bitter divorce and will this be the first time they’ve set foot in the same room in years? Any members of the family frail? While divulging some of this highly personal information can feel deeply intrusive, it will prevent the photographer from making uncomfortable or even impossible requests on the day and help to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

  • Planner or Nah…?

Your wedding photographer wants to make sure your day is as stress free as possible. Do you have a wedding planner, maid of honor, best friend, or family member as your point of contact? Someone who knows the ins and outs just in case and can get the photographer anything they might need.

  • Vendors Please…

Knowing the important people who make sure your day goes smoothly helps. If you are published we want to make sure we give credit where credit is due.

  • How Adventurous Are You?

Photographers often have good ideas that they’d love to try, but it depends on the couple. If you’re willing we are able! Capturing your personalities, the spirit of your wedding day, and the true essence of your marriage.

  • It’s All About The Keepsakes…

Between digital files (that we may lose or forget), a photo album, prints, or wall art. Its your choice…how would you like to remember your special day?

– Ashley of Riley Creations_ Photography