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First Timers Only 🤫

Hey! Hey you! Yea you first timer! Are you nervous? Don’t be. I am here to help you pop your professional photography session cherry 🍒. It’ll be fun and won’t hurt at all. You’re welcome 😉

First things first everything you’re thinking…..stop thinking it. Come into your session as a blank canvas. Remove walls and boundaries and be cool.

Get comfortable. Wear comfortable clothes. Have a comfortable hairstyle. Like what you see in the mirror? Me too 😊

Be yourself. If you like to dance when no one is watching. Do so if you like. I’ll be watching and capturing each twerk and spin. Below I have listed a couple of things that will make your session a complete success. Ya trust me? You will soon.

1. Pose For Yourself

When it comes down to the day of your shoot, it’s so important that you’ve practiced your poses in front of a mirror. Figuring out your best angles and noticing what happens when the light hits your body in different positions. Posing is always awkward at first, but with the right photographer (it’s me) it can quickly become a whole vibe.

2. Pre-Shoot Tings

It’s important that you pay attention to detail when it comes down to your session. Cameras pick up a lot more detail than the naked eye so make sure your nails are manicured, your toes are pedicured, make-up (professionally done), and hair is on point. Having the correct underwear and shapewear is always a plus. Photoshop is always available however if we get it right the first time photoshop will not be needed. 

3. No Resting Bih Face

Tiredness shows on your face, your skin and then seeps through your attitude. Getting your rest is very important before a session for the very reason listed above. I will need you bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to conquer the session. 

4. Flashy or Casual

Wardrobe is absolutely essential to complete your session. Think of a few different trends that you may want to accent in your photos. If you love high fashion, editorial style then you need to start gathering eclectic clothing and exaggerated props like layers of lace fabric, floppy hats or dramatic shoes. If you love the casual look grab a nice, ironed shirt, blazer, sneakers, or flats. A photographer I follow and love has a “What To Wear For Your Brand Shoot” take a look and gather some inspiration. Here’s the link:

5. Channel Your Inner Bey Or Denzel

Once you’ve completed 1-4 guess what time it is? It’s time to work on your attitude. Remember that you are your version of Bey or Denzel (my favorite people that put on and deliver) full of confidence in your session. Everyone gets nervous before a photo shoot, even your photographer! Channel that nervous energy into excitement so that you exude confidence and turn this session into a whole lit vibe.

Check out this mama below, her first session, and she was so dope!! What do you guys think?

We’ll chat soon fam…