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Gold & Melanin 🤴🏾

Hey y’all hey!!

Being a photographer you often find yourself in a rut. A creative rut and guess what 🗣 YOU HAVE TO CREATE! I know, I know, between schedules, calendars, bookings, and life it’s hard. Finding that happy medium to keep you on your toes is definitely a thing so lets get started.

Capturing weddings, families, portraits, and branding sessions definitely help with your creative space, to an extent. However when you capture someone that has reached out to you, YOUR creativity is capped. 

Paid sessions help with bills, life, equipment, classes, mentors, and subscriptions. Listen the life of a photographer isn’t cheap. 

Creative Sessions help with fresh content, building your portfolio, creative balance, honing your skills, and learning your new equipment.

First things first, think of a concept. Purchase or create the props that go along with your concept. Grab a model, a family member, or a friend. Grab your camera and get started!

I try my best to incorporate a creative session at least once a month. It’s definitely hard to do but to keep sanity and enjoy your craft even more I incorporate a creative session.

You know what else? Ruts happen. Creative blocks happen and in the same breath magic happens. Let your creative juices flow. What’s something you want to recreate or create? What’s something you always wanted to shoot? Create the scene and enjoy YOUR time. Take all the time you need and create your magic.

Here’s some magic 💫 from my latest creative session:

Happy creating fam 🔥