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Who Says Weddings Can’t Be Fun 😏

I had the pleasure of second shooting a wedding and when I say it was fun. I mean it. It’s very rare that nothing goes array at a wedding whether the bride knows it or not. The Owens wedding was fun, chill, and detailed perfectly.

Let’s start with the ceremony. A beautiful candle lit, moody vibe, with flowers. The aisle, the laughter, and the prayer together was absolutely beautiful. Take a look for yourself 😉

See! Absolutely wonderful. You could feel the love and warmth in the room. The Owens has no real requests except to capture their day. Guess what I did? Captured the dang day! I captured details of the reception. Look below:

Mrs. Owens did not come to play! She had every detail down to a science. Her vision literally came to life. I also had the pleasure of capturing 35 plus years of friendship. The groom and his right hand men have been friends longer than I have been born! Which is absolutely amazing! These men were hilarious and their bond is solid. Take a look at what 35 plus years looks like on ya wedding day.

Reception time!!!!! You ever walk into a room and know it’s about to go down? Well listen. Y’all listening?! The reception was lit. Every single soul was dancing. I was dancing. I was snapping. I was enjoying every minute of it. The newly wedded couple had smiles on their faces and a song in their hearts y’all. The Owens gave me a taste of married life even for a few moments and I lovvvvvveedd it. Check out the reception vibes below.

So let’s recap. Beautiful mood setting wedding, love, fun, and dancing. Can’t get any better than that! Wishing the Owens a happy, fulfilled, long lasting marriage. Congratulations 🎉

Talk to ya later fam ✍🏾