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Going the Extra Mile 😉

It was a blast from the past with @treesetheadoptee last Saturday!

My girl drove 2.5 hours to allow me to capture her in all her glow! I had no idea y’all and honestly my heart and soul are full! 🥰

Artreese stayed that this was her first time being photographed professionally. When you see these images you’ll never know. Even though we had a rough start due to construction (I was flustered but I had on my game face y’all 😂). We had such a great time with this session. She was guided easily and her smile is infectious! She did such a great job!

Artreese has a non profit that assists with gaining resources, guidance, support, and understanding for adoptees. Especially black adoptees. There is so much that goes into adoption and so much that the adopted child thinks, goes through, and feels. I had no idea how deep this conversation was and how much this conversation is needed.

It was so great catching up with Artreese, picking her brain regarding the matter of resources, and gaining insight!

Thank you so much for the opportunity and y’all go follow @treesetheadoptee for more information!

Here’s a few images below: