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Black EVERYTHANG ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿🖤

On May 25th George Floyd died. He is one of the many black men that have died by the hands of police. This one hit different. This one felt different. This death was different.

Eight minutes and forty six seconds.

8 minutes and 46 seconds.


We were minding our black own business in Africa…..they came and disrupted that.
Raped, killed, abused, and enslaved us for over hundreds of years. They “released” us with terms and conditions. We built our own and they burned that down. We stayed out the way. We minded OUR black own business. We were used as medical lab rats. We were tricked and lied to. We pay more for the same loans that are offered to white counterparts. We are pushed out of our hoods due to gentrification. We are enslaved again when they introduce us to prisons. We have no outlet, we have no way out, we have nothing! We fed your children with our own breasts, we fed you before we fed our own, we cleaned, we taught your children before our own, we coddled your children before our own. All we ask if to be LEFT alone. Left alone to raise our children, teach our children, love on our families, work in peace, and complete daily activities in peace. We can’t have a cellphone, buy skittles, a drink, and be in our own homes. WE CANT MIND OUR BLACK OWN BUSINESS WITHOUT you disrupting us. What is your infatuation with us? What is it that has you continuously bullying us? Intimidated that we still push through? Upset that we still prevail even after hundreds and hundreds of years of turmoil? Angry that you CAN NOT and we WILL not allow you to erase an entire race of people?!

You will hear us…….we’ve been fighting forever

You will see us………we’ve been fighting forever

You will feel us……..we’ve been fighting forever

We’ve NEVER had peace. We’ve been fighting the same fight since the beginning.

You will say our names!! You will see the world burn and you will not feel the same warmth that we do. You will not find peace in the warmth because our fight is different than yours. You will never understand who we are, what we are, and why we still prevail. We are meant to be here. We are meant to win. I am sorry for every causality. (There’s causalities in every war.) Every last one that was black. Every last one that has lost someone or something. Businesses that I know have fought and put every ounce of blood, sweat, and tear into your business for it to be torn down. I see you and understand because your fight is different and always will be.

Stay strong, stay alive, stay woke.

-Love and light-