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It’s My Anniversary……..Well Was 😂

Hey fam! How y’all doing out there? A lot has happened since my last post in March. Covid-19, quarantine, lockdown, and a slight pause in photography work. However I have to fill you guys in on some stuff.

Three years ago (May 15th, 2017) I had an idea, a plan, and a dream! I executed all three when I created MY business Riley Creations_! Throughout my years I have entered rooms I never thought I would enter, met people I never thought I would meet, and experienced things I never thought I would experience.

Three years of business! Three years of failing, growing, learning, following, and leading! Three years of love, dislikes, re-dos, and shift throughs! I made it to three years of consistent business and I couldn’t be happier!

I’ve grown! I’ve learned! I’m growing and still learning! I do not regret my decision and I love my craft!

Thank you for every like, share, encouraging word, and purchase! You guys are the best! I look forward to being around for many more years to come! Thank you for choosing me. Booking with me and allowing my creativity to flourish!

Cheers to three years!!! 🥂