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I did a thing 🤭

Hey fam hey! Soooo I did a thing. A thing to mark of my goal list for 2020. A thing that I thought I wasn’t going to accomplish this year. A thing that came out of nowhere.

Wanna know what it was?

I’ll tell you. I captured a fellow photographer!! 🎉 First of all this is a big deal! I know I made a whole blog about “when photographers need photographers” but that’s besides the point. 😂

I captured one of my fellow photographers that I look up to. I admire their work. I follow and refer them. Soooooo the fact that they chose “little ol’ me” to capture their BRANDING images made my month!!

Sharetha is a photographer (Sharetha Monique Photography), real estate agent (@Sharethalovesrealestate), and business woman. I was more than thrilled to be able to provide her with updated Real Estate images!

I told myself that 2020 and beyond would be my years. I plan on networking, winning, taking some losses that I learn from, shooting more, taking my brand, and myself to new heights. What’s your goals? Motivations? Check list dwindling? Focus and shatter the ceiling!

So fam, once again, I did a thing…….and I crushed it 💪🏾

Images below 👇🏾

Snap ya later fam ✍🏾