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How to choose your photographer as a photographer 😳

Ok so listen, listen, listen! Choosing a photographer can be a job. Style, mood, consistency, and affordability are all factors in choosing.

But what about your favorite photographers? Who takes their images? Are the same guidelines applied? We recognize the worth, talent, and all that goes into making an image THAT image, so is that process harder on us?

So who shoots dope photographers? Well that’s easy. Other dope photographers!

I have a love/hate relationship with the camera. I love being behind it and hate being in front of it. So I wanted something that would let my client base know who I am. I did my research. I have an amazing circle of dope photographers so that made it a little tedious.

The factors above are definitely a must. Can you afford your photographer? Do you appreciate and like their style? If that’s a yes than book and have fun!

I booked with Denise and baybee it was a fantastic experience. She is a Branding Photographer. It’s her M.O., it’s what she does! She captured me in every aspect! I gave her fun, flirty, a little ratchet, and she did it y’all! She captured my essence.

I say all that to say dope photographers need branding images just as much as we like to provide our clients with lasting images. Take the time out, find your outfit, photographer, mood, and book your session today. It’s a whole vibe. Invest in yourself.

“Shots” on me 😉