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It’s the 4th Wednesday of the 1st month of the decade.

What have you accomplished?

What are your plans?

What are your reservations?

Being a business woman isn’t always as pretty as we picture it. It’s hard, exhausting, exciting, and fulfilling. There are so many turns. So many moments that involve a climax and let downs. It’s not easy but is anything worth obtaining supposed to be easy? Heck no!

So build you some goals and climb over them. This was one of my goals for 2020. Boss ass branding images! Did I succeed? (One of the images below by Denise Benson Photography).

I have separated my goals into sections. I have my life goals and my photography goals that I will check off for 2020.

Getting out of debt is one of my life goals

Booking 50 or more sessions this year is one of my photography goals

Having a plan and executing said plan is definitely two different things but I will do my best to succeed.

Maintain, regain, obtain, and grow. Write them out and knock them out one by one. No particular order just get them done.

Happy Wednesday 🍾