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First Timers Only 🤫

Hey! Hey you! Yea you first timer! Are you nervous? Don’t be. I am here to help you pop your professional photography session cherry 🍒. It’ll be fun and won’t hurt at all. You’re welcome 😉 First things first everything you’re thinking…..stop thinking it. Come into your session as a blank canvas. Remove walls andContinue readingFirst Timers Only 🤫

Gold & Melanin 🤴🏾

Hey y’all hey!! Being a photographer you often find yourself in a rut. A creative rut and guess what 🗣 YOU HAVE TO CREATE! I know, I know, between schedules, calendars, bookings, and life it’s hard. Finding that happy medium to keep you on your toes is definitely a thing so lets get started. CapturingContinue readingGold & Melanin 🤴🏾

Wedding + Covid

2020 has definitely been a year of change, compromise, and adjustments. A year that humanity never thought would take place. Restrictions, stay home orders, and shortages. However during all of this love still prevails. Weddings are still taking place. I had the pleasure to capture intimate moments between couples during this pandemic and I cannotContinue readingWedding + Covid

Birthday Fun 🎉

Farie found me on Facebook and let me tell you I am glad she did! She wanted city views, sexy, and fun incorporated in her session and baybee she did not disappoint. We used a rooftop as our canvas, Meg The Stallion and Beyoncé has us covered with the tunes, and we laughed, giggled, andContinue readingBirthday Fun 🎉

Going the Extra Mile 😉

It was a blast from the past with @treesetheadoptee last Saturday! My girl drove 2.5 hours to allow me to capture her in all her glow! I had no idea y’all and honestly my heart and soul are full! 🥰 Artreese stayed that this was her first time being photographed professionally. When you see theseContinue readingGoing the Extra Mile 😉

Graduation Day 👩🏾‍🎓

2020 has graduation looking a lot different this year. No stage, no big parties, and no speeches. We can’t bring the feeling of all of the excitement and anticipation of all the aforementioned changes BUT this is where we as photographers shine. Let me explain. Photographers are here to capture memories and your greatest moments!Continue readingGraduation Day 👩🏾‍🎓