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Espresso and Pose

Have you ever needed a break from your own reality? Have you ever needed some nostalgia a familiar place to cling to? Well I did and I accomplished just that. I took a road trip to my hometown to clear my head and create. As creatives we are going to experience a creative block. We are going to have to search for betterment.

I accomplished some candid, creative vibes by first going into a group on Facebook and looking for a model in the area. I already had some inspiration and we were going to take our time. No specific poses. No time limit. Just fun and time to create.

Do this! Getting tired of something you love is a thing! We all love to be paid but taking a moment to create what you want will not only place you back in a good space but can hone your skills.

Here are a few images from that day. Enjoy 😉