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Rings in the Piano

You never know how a wedding is going to go until you capture it. You never know which unexpected shot will be “the shot”. You also as the client can never really imagine what it takes to get said shot.

I recently captured The Christians. A destination beach wedding with a Maryland couple I never really met until the wedding planning phase. This wedding consisted of a…

  • HUGE wedding party
  • Military
  • Two cakes 😋
  • Gifts upon gifts upon gifts and
  • Outfit changes

This was definitely one to remember. Oh did I mention a photo booth?! Everyone has to have a photo booth! Capturing their day was what I was paid to do. Capturing their love was an added bonus.

Now let’s take a moment and talk about a few captures shall we? Right before this image was shot the flower girl got cold feet. She was not having it but guess who came to her rescue and got the job done. That’s right the groom. Baby and flowers in tow.

Moments before this shot was taken, those rings were accidentally dropped in the piano. Yes the rings were in the piano. A newly tuned piano at that. As you can see all wasn’t lost. The rings were retrieved and I got the shot.

Those are just a couple but what I learned from this experience is make sure the piano lid is closed 😂. No really my take away is even if you drop the rings in the piano with a little wire, patience, a bomb ass second shooter, and wedding planner you’ll get the shot. Plus you will not owe thousands of dollars to the bride and groom. 😉 😳

Here’s a couple more images from the day. Enjoy.