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Thyself will Brand Thyself

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think business? Is it Logos? Colors? The name? The product that is actually being sold? I’ll help you out…’s definitely the aesthetics of branding. Branding is huge. So huge that there are tests and questions being asked to help better brand situations.

As a photograpHer I am a walking brand. I am my marketing leader. I am my financial team. I am the brains behind the situation. When I first started I figured my talent will get me where I need to be. Now that is not wrong at all but who doesn’t like good wrapping paper covering their presents? That’s a gift within itself and reusable.

I have my business name on everything. When you see me you will ask or see it. Laptop bag…name, notebooks….name, pens….name, shirts…..guess what…name. I have also introduced welcome packets into my world and it has helped tremendously. I am a business oriented person. Straight to the business, this definitely added some pretty “wrapping paper” to my brand. A fellow photograpHer introduced me to the idea. Thank you Kori Mitchell. If you guys are in Florida and need a great photograpHer, she’s your girl. 😉

All of these things are not necessary but they definitely help. Representing my brand and having a good product go hand in hand. Look at the big companies you see there names EVERYWHERE. That’s my goal. A household name.

•Invest in yourself and watch it flourish.

•Attend events that can help your brand and product with like minds.

•Grow within your brand.

•Learn what you can.

•Do not take no for an answer!

• Understand constructive criticism

•Be your own google!

Entrepreneurship is as hard as it is rewarding. I am the woMAN behind the scenes and in the forefront. I determine my growth, my invested time, and my paycheck.