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Mentors and Tings ✍🏾

Are you a photographer?

Do you have a series of questions that YouTube or Google just can’t help with? I’m talking those scenarios that you haven’t thought about because well basically YOU haven’t thought about them 😂. This is where a mentor fits in. I have been blessed to have an amazing mentor, business partners, and a group of photograpHERS that give great advice. They answer questions and I have plenty (lol). They help with location sites, editing, client, and contract questions.

My dad introduced me to this life and I am extremely grateful. I started out with film and enjoyed every minute of developing and creating my images.

I am so appreciative of everyone that has and is helping me on my journey in photography. This is the best and can be the most aggravatingly satisfactory job/hobby/career ever. Why the best and most aggravatingly satisfactory job; because at the end of the day this is a client based business and we all know what that means. 👀

Here are a few things I have taken away from my mentors, colleagues, and fellow photograpHERS:

• Hone your craft ~ this is a continuous thing and will never, ever, ever, end.

• Learn your equipment

• Find your niche ~ whether it’s maternity, engagements, weddings, fashion, or all of the above.

• Practice makes perfect ~ if it’s not perfect you can edit it to be 😂

• Do not rely on photoshop to save you. Try and get it right while the subject is with you. Notice the little details. It’s why your getting paid.

• Second shoot as much as you can. Ask if you can join a session or wedding as practice. This may be unpaid and that’s ok….for now. My mentor taught me all about owning & understanding my worth.

Last and certainly not least…..

• Have fun! Enjoy yourself and create!

Below are a couple of images of a wedding I second shot for Amanda Moss Photography (my mentor 😌) Stone to Barefoot wedding ❤️