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Barnyard Wedding Bliss

Ok so this had to be the most risqué thing I ever done. I took on a client without knowing who they were 😱. Most photographers have a P2P sit down, ask the clients questions, do some research. Nope not with this one. I literally received an email from the officiant that asked if I could help a bride in need. I literally only knew names y’all. First names at that but I definitely made it work. I walked into this not blind but with blurred vision.
Have you ever experienced a barnyard wedding? Have you? Well let me start by saying it is something to experience.  I had the pleasure of photographing Amber & Ryan’s barnyard wedding party and I had a blast! There were snakes, bees, and a little rain storm but love prevailed and we had a darn good time. Amber’s decor was on point. They had a candy/dessert table, lanterns as center pieces, candles, yellow and blue were the colors of choice, and enough flowers to make a florist fall in love! Not to mention a BBQ buffet with sweet iced tea! (That’s a true southern girl dream. I am that southern girl. It’s my dream😂)
They were welcoming and their Love is sweet as honey and their bond is strong as Teflon. It was a sweet wedding day for the Ballards. ❤️