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Wedding Vibes

Ok my wonderful photograpHers! I was a second shooter at a wedding a couple of months ago and let me tell you, my nerves were shot! I am preparing for my first big wedding in August so I am practicing, practicing, practicing! I learned so much and I took in a lot. Here are a couple of things I took with me.
  1. YOU do not control what could go down! Yes that’s right anything could happen at a wedding. It’s a wedding. A plethora amount of people gathered to celebrate two people. ANYTHING can happen!
  2. YOU need a little bass in your voice. There will be fifty-eleven people telling you what to do. What to capture. This isn’t my good side. Take this picture. Moody. Or cant be still but you can not go into this meek or mild. Find your voice, be heard, and bring some order for your sanity and the bride’s.
  3. Wear comfy but cute clothes and shoes.
  4. The first look is everything!! It helps with time, portraits, and eases some stress. I love it!
  5. A wedding is non-stop. Practice, have back ups for your back ups, study, know your bride, it’s all about her. She hired you. Remember that.
    1. Back up camera
    2. SD cards
    3. OCF
    4. BATTERIES!!
I am so appreciative to my mentor who is so supportive and super helpful! This is just a few snippets of what I learned but overall it was an amazing experience and I loved it! How was your 1st wedding? Any tips? Ideas? Email me I would love to hear. Happy shooting my loves.
Here are a couple of images below: